DNA Family Secrets: Series 2

BBC 2, 2021

Over 26 million people have taken a DNA test in the past decade. The growing popularity of genetic testing has created worldwide databases that allow us to ask questions that would have been previously impossible to answer about our families, ancestry and health.

Presenter Stacey Dooley is meeting people across the UK who want to unlock mysteries hidden within their genetic code. Working with one of the UK’s leading geneticists, Professor Turi King, as well as genealogists, social workers and doctors, Dooley explores how the very latest DNA technology can reveal lost heritage, track down missing relatives and detect debilitating diseases before it is too late.

I was the series director on this second series. In June 2022 the show was recommissioned for a third series with another six episodes.

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Trailer copyright Minnow Films / BBC


BBC Comminsioner: Jack Bootle

Production Company: Minnow Films

Executive Producer: Kari Lai

Series Producer: Lucy Morgan

Producer Director: Brent Gundesen

Series Director: Nick Leader